ASD and ADHD Referrals

In recent years there has been a large increase in people seeking ASD and ADHD assessments. This has resulted in long waiting lists with our local NHS provider for assessments:

Adults – Norfolk & Suffolk NHS Foundation Trust (NSFT)

Children – Norfolk Community Health & Care NHS Trust (NCH&C)

Right to Choose

Under the NHS you have a legal Right to Choose an alternative provider for your assessment which can help reduce the waiting time. The provider must have a contract with NHS Norfolk & Waveney Integrated Care Board (ICB) in order for the referral to be made under the NHS. Please contact our secretarial team who can advise you on current providers who have contracts with Norfolk & Waveney ICB. At present, there are only Right to Choose providers for adult referrals.


There are many private providers offering assessments for ADHD and ASD. Acle Medical Practice will only enter shared care agreements to prescribe medications for ADHD or ASD when the assessment has been made following an NHS referral to a provider on Norfolk & Waveney ICB’s Right to Choose list or following an assessment with NSFT (adults) or NCH&C (children). We do not prescribe medications on the basis of assessments from private providers. Please consider this when deciding where you have your assessment.