We are very pleased to announce that from September 2015 Acle Medical Centre have been taking part in the teaching of Medical students. A group of 10 students in their second year of study will come to the practice on some Fridays throughout the year. The students will be in the surgery seeing patients and gaining knowledge and experience of working in Primary Care.

  • This medical practice has been approved as meeting the high standards required for the teaching of medical students.
  • Teaching, taking place in this practice, is regularly inspected to ensure quality.
  • So far, GP surgeries in our region have helped Norwich Medical School to train more that 14,000 doctors.

Seeing Patients

The Medical Students will need to gain experience, seeing and talking to real life patients within a consultation. Each Medical Student is bound by the same confidentiality duty as all other NHS Staff. The students will not discuss your
personal details with anyone. They may discuss the things they have learnt with fellow students in their group and medical teachers for educational purposes.

If a student is working with your doctor or nurse on the day of an appointment, you will be advised and have the right to object to their presence if you so wish.

Can you see Medical Students?

We would really appreciate your help with teaching the next generation of doctors. If you have any of the following conditions and are willing to take part please let reception know and we may be in contact:

  • Heart Conditions
  • Lung Conditions
  • Chest Conditions
  • Skin Conditions
  • Blood Disorders

Each patient will be seen by 2 medical students for around 45 minutes. The whole group is supervised by Dr Chandler and Dr Thallon. This will not be like a normal consultation as the students will not be able to advise upon or treat your condition.

The Registrar will on occasion be making video recordings of patient consultations. Under no circumstances will a recording be made without the patient’s consent. Intimate physical examinations will not be recorded.

If you require any more information you can ask reception.