Get your medication on time by ordering early

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  1.    Order your repeat prescription 10 working days before you will run out.
  2.    Collect your next month’s medication while you still have 2-4 days medication left.

During these times of unprecedented pressure on the NHS, both your PG practice and your pharmacy are struggling with workload capacity issues. This means that processes which were quick in the past, now take a lot longer, so please bear with us as we prepare your prescription and medication.

We are working incredibly hard to ensure you have the medication you need but we need your help to do this by ensuring you order your medication in plenty of time.

To find out how to order your medication, please visit our Prescriptions page.

This only applies to non dispensing patients. To help the local pharmacies with their workload. If you have your medication dispensed from Acle Medical Practice / Reedham this does not apply to you.